New Album! - Swedish History X19
-The story behind the album

The Band
Music Project: Ska/Reggae/Rap/Skinhead

Singer: Patrik19 and various artists like David Reggae, Dogge Doggelito, Patrik Zell, Mr Attack and more.

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Mammor som gråter
Minns ni Ultrahuset...
The punk and skinhead scene - a part of my life.
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The Sharpmans is Patrik19´s new band , he is former singer in Midgards Soner -a right-wing band in the 90´s. Since 2000 rejected Patrik19 his part in right-wing activities and then working with antiracism and youth projects. He was nominated by the Swedish Royalhouse 2019 for his work for "sport and integration" in his Goodsport Foundation . Patrik19 formed a new band with various artist 2019 and now release new songs, mixed with influence of Ska-Punk-Rap. Some of the band members are also members of Swedish Reggaeband "Ett slag för Hjärtat" (The beat of your heart).

"I missed the music and the old skinhead style, so I´m back...for music and tribute to punk and original skinheads".